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Project Chirag :: SIFE HRC Initiative
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about project chirag

SIFE HRC Team :: Project Chirag Today rural India is in great need of transformation. SIFE HRC has thus come up with a 5 Point Transformation Model to tackle rural problems. This model includes the five spheres of Educational, Healthcare & Sanitation, Environmental, Economic and Social Upliftment. This entire village transformation model is called Project Chirag - lightening up rural lives in India.

In order to implement these changes in any village, the primary requirement is electricity and thus Phase 1 of the project is to light up these dark villages, which have never had any electricity, through Solar Energy.

In phase 2 of this project, economic upliftment activities would be carried out along with establishing public kitchens, improving educational infrastructure and aids, adult literacy programmes as well as other skillset enhancement training. The first phase of this project will enable us to gain confidence in the minds of the villagers which will then make it easy to carry out phase 2 in a smooth manner.

H.R. College Team :: Missing on a Mission project vision

To uplift the socio-economic standards of rural India by building a sustainable model for growth and empowerment.

target audience

This project is targeted towards villages which have no access to electricity and more than 75% of the population is under the poverty line.

unique feature

The solar lanterns provided to the villages are made by physically and mentally challenged communities, thus contributing to a raise in their incomes as they earn Rs.30/lantern they assemble. These communities otherwise have very rare chances of being employed and hence this revenue-generation will uplift them economically.

youth empowerment

The youth plays a role in every level of this project. Right from strategizing, planning, execution, mobilizing resources in the communities, government, corporates to linking necessary entities in the value chain, young students and professionals are completely handling every aspect of this village transformation project.

Project Chirag :: SIFE HRC Initiative
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