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Project Chirag :: SIFE HRC Initiative
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about project chirag

Project Chirag Recognizing that India's progress depends a great deal on the progress & development of Rural India, Chirag Rural Development Foundation runs PROJECT CHIRAG an initiative that works with villages without absolutely any access to electricity and provides them with solar lighting solutions.

Project Chirag was started as a student initiative at H.R. College, Mumbai in March 2010 under the mentorship of Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Shahani. In December 2010, Project Chirag evolved into the “Chirag Light India Movement”. Students as young as twelve and older, joined hands and pledged their vision of “Light for All”. To initiate the movement, these students took up the challenge to illuminate another 1000 rural homes across India in 1 month. It was astounding to see the energy and conviction in these young individuals that made this seemingly impossible dream a reality.

On December 28, 2011, an autonomous foundation by the name of "Chirag Rural Development Foundation" was established to evolve Project Chirag further, while maintaining it as a youth driven initiative. This independent NGO currently manages and runs Project Chirag and is ensuring it is scaling by leaps and bounds across the country.

Project Chirag project vision

To uplift the socio-economic standards of rural India by building a sustainable model for growth and empowerment.

target audience

This project is targeted towards villages which have no access to electricity and more than 75% of the population is under the poverty line.

unique feature

Differently abled communities are involved as a part of the value chain in Project Chirag. These communities otherwise have very rare chances of being employed and hence this revenue-generation uplifts them economically.

youth empowerment

The youth plays a role at every stage of this project. Right from strategizing, planning, execution, mobilizing resources in the communities, government, corporates to linking necessary entities in the value chain, young students and professionals are completely handling every aspect of this village transformation project.

Project Chirag :: SIFE HRC Initiative
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