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Rs. 4200 is the cost to illuminate a rural household in Thane District, Maharashtra and Rs.2450 is the cost across regions outside the Thane District. Every household is provided with two solar lighting devices that come along with individual solar panels. One device is focussed on providing home lighting while the second device is highly portable and hence enables easy outdoor usage. The cost covers the cost of both these devices and the installation & commissioning costs involved. The differential pricing is because the solar lights in the Thane district is being assembled by differently abled individuals and the ones provided outside the Thane district are factory assembled at scale.

A donor of Project Chirag has the option of contributing towards the solar lighting of any number of households and can opt to provide lighting to an entire village. The size village may vary between 50 - 150 households, depending on its geography. The donor and the Project Chirag Team can mutually decide upon the location of the village to be electrified.

Over and above providing household lighting to the village, sponsors can also contribute towards solar street lights that shall be installed at places of prominence.

All donors will be provided with a receipt for their contribution towards the initiative. For supporting the initiative or for any other details, kindly contact:

mail@projectchirag.org, jc@projectchirag.org
Jyotirmoy Chatterji
Founder Director, Chirag Rural Development Foundation
Mobile: +91 9819290088

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