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Project Chirag :: A Chirag Rural Development Foundation Initiative
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project impact
Project Chirag - Impact

360° impact
   -   Employment Opportunity created for differently abled indidivuals in the value chain.

   -   Villagers have more productive time to carry out economic activities.

   -   The Amount which used to be spent in purchasing kerosene to burn lanterns is saved. This saved amount would be invested in carrying out some economic upliftment activity for their households.

   -   There is definite CO2 emmision savings on account of conversion from kerosene to solar lighting.

   -   There is reduction in mishaps through snake bites as villagers are now equipped with portable solar lanterns.

   -   There is improvement in standard of living of the villagers due to overall impact of electrification.

   -   Thus twin objectives of environmental sustainability as well as employment generation has been achieved so far through the project.

Project Chirag :: SIFE HRC Initiative
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