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sife hrc lights up village ujjaini
12th March, 2010
SIFE HRC settles into the village... ...and starts work
SIFE HRC settles into the village... ...and starts work
Villagers line up to collect their receipts The documentary team starts work
The villagers of Ujjaini line up at the SIFE counter to collect their challans and receipts for the solar equipment they have purchased The documentary team starts shooting the happenings of the day for the Project Chirag Documentary
The solar panels make their way to the roof The Solar Tubelight
The Solar Panels make their way to the roof, where they will harness the power of the sun to charge the batteries which will supply power to the lanterns and tubelights The Solar Tubelight, placed in each and every home
The Solar Lanterns The solar battery and installation
A SIFE volunteer explains the use of the Solar Lantern to the villagers A battery charges both the lantern and the tubelight from the power it receives from the solar panel on the roof
Dark Room Light!
And thus the dark rooms... ...are now illuminated
SIFE HRC encourages other economic activities to improve the villagers' income SIFE volunteers teach the villagers pottery
To increase the villagers' income, SIFE HRC volunteer engage in teaching them various crafts Here, the villagers learn pottery and clay moulding
Our mentors join in the proceedings Prof. Pratibha Pai gets into action
Mrs. Neeta Paradhan, a member of the SIFE HRC Business Advisory Board along with Prof. Sapna Mallya, Faculty Advisor of SIFE HRC adresses the villagers on 'The Importance of Savings, Education and Personal Hygiene Prof. Pratibha Pai, Faculty Advisor, SIFE HRC teaches a child and his grandmother how to operate the Solar Lantern
Village women sit around the Solar lanterns A child reads in the light of the lanterns
Women sit around, talking in the light of the Solar Lanterns Children can now read and learn even at night in the light of the Solar Lanterns
Children study in the light of the lantern Children pray in the light of the lantern
School Children now study and pray in the light of the Solar Lantern, a new and improved addition to their life
Families in the light of the lantern Families in the light of the lantern
Light brings about smiles on the faces of all the families in the village
Shopkeepers use the Solar Lanterns Families have a solar tubelight installed in each home
Shopkeepers can extend their business hours into the night as they illuminate their shops with the solar lanterns The Solar Lanterns can be carried around easily while the Solar Tubelights are fixed in each home
BIJLI! or LIGHT! is the new order in the Village! The First Village under Project Chirag is succesfully illuminated by the SIFE HRC Team

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